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Condominium Insurance 

Innovative Package Condominium Programs


With our past experience, we have made vast advances in the analysis of current policies. We have also created and built special exclusive programs dedicated to enhancing coverage to Condominium Associations. These include:

  • Deficiency Analysis- Comprehensive Analysis of the entire policy language to make sure no gaps in coverage exist and that all proper coverage is included in the current program.

  • Flood Correction Program- We have partnered with a prestigious firm which conducts LOMA zone correction programs to bring savings to clients whenever possible.

  • Pre-Screen Initial Risk Control Walk through- An initial walkthrough on property for purposes of pointing out a few recommendations to the client prior to performing a full Risk Control Analysis Report.

  • Educational Board of Directors’ Checklist- Innovative way to educate the Board of Directors on where they currently stand with their current insurance program. This will evaluate the structure and communication channels between their current insurance agent and the client.

  • Premium Financing- We have established great relationships with a number of premium finance companies to make sure the client receives the best interest rates and payment structures available in the industry.

What we specialize on:

  • Condominium Associations

  • Homeowner's Associations

  • Builders Risk

  • Townhomes

  • Co-Ops

  • Planned Unit Developments

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