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Premium Projection Reports

We realize that insurance costs are a critical part of your annual budget and operating expenses. It is of the utmost importance that you have a good understanding of what your insurance renewal premiums will be. We routinely sit with boards to go over budgets well in advance of their expiration date.

Generally, our premium projections are quite accurate. Once we are able to analize your current insurance program though our deficiency analizes we can prepared and give you a best and worst case scenario. We are able to do so by rating and modeling your property insurance and then determine which carriers best fit your association’s characteristics. We can then estimate what the premium could be for your best case scenario.

Our premium projection reports are based market conditions at that particular time. Other factors like the economy, recent hurricanes, reinsurance costs, global catastrophes and even next season’s hurricane predictions can also affect your renewal premiums.

Because we insured all types and sizes of condominium associations throughout South Florida and use all available carriers in our current market place, we may have better insight than your local agent when projecting insurance costs.

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