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Our Servuces

Our Services

It provides protection against most risks to property, coverage for all buildings, structures, and contents owned by the association against loss or damage by any peril.

Some types of communities we specialize on:


  • Condominium Associations

  • Homeowner's Associations

  • Townhomes

  • Co-Ops

  • Planned Unit Developments

  • Property /With Wind

  • General Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Crime/Fidelity Bond  

  • Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) Coverage

  • Umbrella Liability Coverage

  • Flood Insurance

  • Boiler and Machinery

We can then estimate what the premium could be for your best case scenario.

Generally, our insurance premium projections are quite accurate base on the current market conditions.

Flood Zone Correction

Florida Flood corrections programs have successfully helped many condominium associations and business owners to challenge the FEMA flood zone classification on their buildings.

Our clients are benefiting with lower flood insurance cost options.

Risk Control Solutions

An initial walkthrough on property for purposes of pointing out a few recommendations to the client prior to performing a full Risk Control Analysis Report.

Innovative Package Condominium Programs

With our past experience, we have made vast advances in the analysis of current policies. We have also created and built special exclusive programs dedicated to enhancing coverage to Condominium Associations.

Ready to find out more?

Learn how we are successfully driving savings for condominium associations with an average of 15% to 25% on the yearly premiums.

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